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About us

The service was started back in 2005 by a few passionate enthusiasts with a couple of servers providing Free Web Hosting to anyone. While the hosting market was still a developing one, we managed to grow, stabilize and develop our shared hosting services further, providing Semi-Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting, Domain Names & SSL Certificates, Website tools and scripts – everything your online business needs. Later in 2009 the brand 'Hosting Servant' was created and evolved into world wide leading provider of hosting services. Hosting Servant has hundreds of thousands satisfied clients that have been part of our network – all facts that prove the quality of our services. Thank you for your interest in our offers and website. It is our pleasure to empower your online presence.

We know we owe that all to our loyal clients. We put the client first in everything we do from tightly controlled and monitored machines to overall network performance.

Our Mission is:

  • Help companies and individuals to build their online presence with the easiest way, by providing high quality web hosting services.
  • Maintain our services only with the industry leading software and hardware suppliers, for the maximum security, speed and reliability.
  • Always try to improve the level of quality of the services.
  • Help our customers with the best hosting solutions and professional support.

Our Values are:


We promise only what we are truly capable of delivering. We do not charge any hidden or late fees for the services provided, as we look to build strong and healthy relationships with our customers.


Conducting ourselves in an honest and ethical manner with an unwavering commitment to fairness and doing what is in the best interests of our clients.


Providing services effectively and efficiently, persevering through all obstacles while maintaining adaptability to change in order to meet the dynamic needs of the client. Committing to providing the highest quality services and tools, while exceeding the expectations of the customer.


Effectively working together with the customer, we are ready to help solve any issue and satisfy the needs our client may have, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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Address: LambdaNet, Kiel (Hamburg), Germany
Email: sales (at)